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    I know that this been posted about before, but i was hoping somebody might have a photo of the wires to tap into by the trunk release needed to install an keyless entry. The write up in the how to section seems to have been deleted or lost.

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    Sorry, I don't have any pictures, but the trunk lid release motor is in the lower trunk valence on the passenger side, it has a 3-pin connector (only 2 pins are used), called out as C844 in the wiring schematics, it should have a Black wire, which goes to chassis ground somewhere in the vicinity, and a second wire, Orange w/Green tracer, that you apply 12V to, which activates the trunk release motor.

    The Ford wiring diagrams show the Orange w/Green tracer wire going all the way back to C451A on the Anti-theft/Central Locking Module, which is in the vicinity of the passenger-side A-pillar.
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      Thank you i was able to get it all situated