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Where in the F#@$%#$$ do the rear steel lines run?

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  • Where in the F#@$%#$$ do the rear steel lines run?

    Not having a good week(or life right now)blew the right rear flex tues night, spent all day today replacing/bleeding only to have the pedal decide to suddenly go to the floor(it was fine while bleeding).....Looks like the rht rear steel line has all the sudden taken a dump on me.

    It leaves the prop valve and then disappears up over the rear cradle somewhere, my left hard line does the same, but comes out and then disappears above the gas tank??

    Does anyone have a diagram or something.......I NEED to have this car running, cant look for work without wheels, so im dead in the water AND in the wallet :'(

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    Common place of rust failure. It routes above the rear subframe.
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      your better off rerouting it around the rear subframe..
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        I replaced the previously replaced rotted line and ran it along the lip of the wheel well/frame rail, it was bubble flared on the valve end and double flared on the other(what a P.I.T.A.), bled the line and all is working again,