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    MadDog - did you get the parking brake cable issue addressed? Where are you at on this rear brake pad R&R? Thanks amc49 for offering assistance. I have been out of state last week - wedding to attend in Texas - BIG STATE, btw.


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      Thanks to both of you for the tips.

      The parking cable I can get off the "U", but I wanted to be sure you really have to thread it through the hole ("B" in the picture). I have visions of pulling the cable end through the hole, and it retracting 3 feet into the chassis. Paranoia and all….

      For the cotter (slip ?) pin, I thought it was odd that in both cases they face inward. I can get it off and place it 180 degrees in the opposite orientation.

      I figured I would be very careful before doing anything I wasn't sure about. I have the pads and the cube, so I am otherwise set for the next time I have a chance.

      THEN, I can move onto fixing the leaking power steering return line, the missing IMRC linking rod, the warped trunk board…...all the bad things that come with 243,000 miles


      Mad Dog