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Bonding Agent on Bumper Support

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  • Bonding Agent on Bumper Support

    There's some kind of glue/adhesive that holds the support with the riveted U bolts in it to the actual bumper cover. Anyone have any idea about a solvent that'll loosen this?

    The support got damaged and I'm hoping I can take it out and use mine.

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    Rear bumper? I think it is a permanent bond. Never tried to seperate. THought sold as one piece also.
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      I tried to remove this as well but gave up after only a short period of time. I tired prying the glue to release it but failed. I also used a heat gun thinking it would become pliable but gave up after realizing i would have to get the entire thing hot enough to remove it due to the rigidity of the bumper beam.

      I would like to remove the bumper beam to repair the cover that has been dented in.
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        Crap. Sounds like I may have to scrap it. I'm gonna do a bit more research into it.