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OEM SVT side skirts missing, anyone tried aftermarket?

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  • OEM SVT side skirts missing, anyone tried aftermarket?

    My newly purchased 2000 SVT is missing the original side skirts. The clips along the rocker panels are still there but no actual skirts. I see on evil-bay there are aftermarket ones available with brand names of Duraflex or VFiber. Has anyone ever tried any of these? I wrote messages to several sellers of those asking questions about how their products are held onto the car because there is nothing mentioned about this in their ebay sale page for the items. The answers I got back were very vague so I am guessing they don't really know either.

    So looking for feedback about these products or other suggestions regarding replacing missing skirts.

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    Only skirts available are used ones that people are selling. I haven't seen any nos ones in some time. Junkyards are also possible if you luck up.
    2000 CSVT red and tan #1011