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Escort reverse light??

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  • Escort reverse light??

    Ok, So here I am at work sitting around bored, I got outside to see a escort sitting in the parking lot and Im looking at the rear of it..and wondering, Would it be possible for me to put the "corner curve" panel on my contour from the escort that has the reverse light in it??

    I worked as a body guy for like 5 years or so so i am aware of what is involved.. but MY GOD would it look awesome done that way with the reflector then BLACKED completely out even over the old reverse lights..

    I'll try to post an image of what "panel" I am reffering too.. I think this might be my own custom mod Ill do to will be SICK!!!

    Not sure how well this pic above is gonna load.. but basically ^^^ that's the idea..

    I think it looks cool... what would be even coolr would be to mount it sideways and then tint the light itself to make it look like 1934 Ford "teardrop" lights!!!!

    Don't go stealing my idea's either wieners! Call it the "Francis mod!"
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    I doubt that the panel would be a direct fit. So at that point I would just modify the body panel to except the light if you really want to have them.

    IMHO, its not going to look good.
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