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is there any good replacement

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  • is there any good replacement

    for the crappy silver inserts in 1995 bumper skin? When new it was chrome looking, now just a multi tone grey/white/milky color. Any body know where to get stainless steel in the right shape?

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    Only 95 had the seperate insert. In 96-97 they molded the bumper without and painted it body color. Te original are long obsolete. If you want Stainless you would have to have it cut custom probable at great expense. I believe royalblue had painted his inserts on his 95. Or you could get creative like blu_fuz he molded a custom front bumper for his car egg plant using a SVT front bumper.

    Edit: If you were close by I might have a front 96 bumper in the garage yet.
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