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Rust on rims

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  • Rust on rims

    I had a seized caliper throw a bunch of rust and brake dust on my rims. It's caked on there pretty good. Is there a safe way to remove it without damaging the clear coat? I've tried brake parts cleaner but to minimal effect.


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    Gojo Orange Pumice hand cleaner or Barkeepers friend. Either one works fine.
    I like Gojo as it requires minimal effort. Just apply it with your hands, no brushes or hard rubbing required.}
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      I used some goo gone gel to get most of it off of mine, most of it came off with light scrubbing using a wheel brush. What was left I used the Eagle One chrome polish that comes in the metal can,that took off all the caked on hard to remove areas.
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        A good spray-on, hose-off wheel cleaner like Eagle1 AtoZ All Wheel and Tire Cleaner would be a good idea. Use as directed and agitate with a soft brush and rinse well.

        Then you can use an old clay bar to pull anything that's stuck or embedded.
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