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  • Headliner cleaning

    OK guys, I just picked up a car that has some pretty noticeable stains in the headliner. Looks like a lot of dirty finger prints from touching the visor, reaching for the sunroof, dome lights, etc. I'm looking for real world results of what people use to get rid of the toughest stains in their headliners. What products do you use, and what is the best process? I've been doing some research and I've heard to spray some upholstry cleaner on the spots and blot them out, but not spray again for 12 hours so the cleaner doesn't soften the headliner glue. So what are some tips and tricks to clean this thing? Before and after pics are welcome if you have them!

    2004 Mazda 6

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    I have always used stoner carpet cleaner on my headliner. It works pretty good, takes smoke stains out without a problem. I usually spray the whole headliner then scrub it down with a brush. It comes in a spray can, so I dont think you have to worry about the headliner getting too wet
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      Mark - Try Resolve Heavy Duty Carpet cleaner that comes in an aerosol can. I used it before on my interior carpet and it foams up real nice and lifted the dirt right up. You can pick it up at Home Depot.
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        I may not be helping, but if it's real bad you could always just cover it with fabric. If done right it looks really clean and you can get pretty much any color you'd want.
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          I dipped a toothbrush into (lemon, as if you can tell the difference) ammonia & followed by a quick wipe w/ a damp towel in one of the contours. Didn't harm the glue & I didn't really soak it down. Cleaned it up perfectly, works great on fabric upholstery too.
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            I found out Meguiar's interior detailer spray and a microfiber towel takes care of headliner stains. I was wiping down all of the plastic pieces like the sun roof shade handle and the cover for the sunroof switches and overhead lighting. I accidentally sprayed the headliner and figured I'd see what it would do. It ended up taking out all of the finger print stains and other fading. If you have some of this in your garage, it works!

            2004 Mazda 6