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Power windows in ACC mode?

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  • Power windows in ACC mode?

    So something I've noticed on my recently-purchased E0 CSVT is that the power windows do not work in the ACC key position. They only work in the ON position. I chalked this up to one of the previous owners possibly re-wiring the windows wrong after un-installing a window automation module that was wired on all 4 windows at one time.

    This weekend I decide to tackle a project to rewire the car to keep the items on the ACC circuit to continue running after turning the ignition off and removing the key, until the driver's door opens. I got that done and this works great for the stereo, but I'd like the windows to also be wired to the ACC circuit.

    I examined the factory wiring and couldn't see where any power window wiring was tapped into another wire/circuit (one that would only give it power in the ON position), so it seems as if the car is wired this way from the factory. Can anyone confirm that these cars' power windows only work in the ON position??

    Now for the important question... what will it take to get the windows to work on the ACC circuit? Which wire (and where is the location) would I need to force ACC power to?? I can just run a new wire from battery to under the steering wheel area, and use a relay activated by an ACC circuit wire to feed the power from the new wire to the power windows circuit. I just need to know exactly which wire of the power windows circuit to tap into. Thanks!!

    1998 Ford Contour SVT (E0) - Toreador Red - 3L Swap
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    The windows only work in the ON position by design. They draw from the F21 fuse from the central junction box. TBH before messing around with any wiring I'd recommend you buy the electrical troubleshooting manual. It is very comprehensive and would help you to trace wiring problems.
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      Thanks Matt! I figured out what I'm going to do to get the windows to work with the key in the ACC position.... I just have to get around to wiring it up when I have a chance. Here's what I came up with:
      1998 Ford Contour SVT (E0) - Toreador Red - 3L Swap
      2005 Pontiac GTO - Torrid Red - Twin Turbo