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Pigtail Wiring Harness Issues

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  • Pigtail Wiring Harness Issues

    Hello All,
    I just swapped a tranny out of a 2000 Cougar into my 1998 CSVT but the switch's for the Back Up Light's are different.

    I am needing a wiring pigtail for this switch:

    Ive talked to a couple different dealers, and the place I got the transmission and nothing.

    Any help would be most appreciated!!


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    They made a adapter harness back in the day, but it is discontinued. You will have to cut soldier a female pigtail on. I use to have a couple, i don't have anymore...

    Or alternatively you can get one from a junkyard focus, out of the speaker door harness.

    The one on the right.
    '98 SVT E0 BLK/MNB#1663 Forged Ovalport 3L Supercharged


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      You wouldnt happen to know the Ford Part#?


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        Isn't it just as easy to use the SVT shift tower? Especially if it was a keyed tower from Terry Haines?
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          Or why now I've gone to Digikey to buy the several sizes of mini snap connectors to replace buying entire connectors. When they started crossing $20 a pop for a $3 part I said enough. I could cobble up connectors for that at a cost of maybe 50 cents total. They are valuable for use making jumpers to test parts too.

          Ford is well known for doing this crap just to force you to buy new part when the old one works just fine.