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front speakers quit after rca swap

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  • front speakers quit after rca swap

    so i was tryiing to pin point why my system was giving me these high frequency chirps and squeals. i swapped the front and rear rca's while the car was off and then turn back on. all 4 speakers worked but the chirps and squeals were still there. i left the rca's as they were and called it a day. that was yesterday. then this morning i started the car to goto work and noticed my front speakers didn't work... came home earlier and tried switching rca's back the way they were and still nothing....

    did i kill my front speakers? or did i kill my amp? or my head unit?
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    What are you running your speakers off of, an amp or the HU? Did at anytime did you "hot swap" your RCA's? This means taking them out or putting them on with the stereo on. I learned my lesson on my Kenwood I got last year. I had to ground the RCA's on the back of the stereo. You could give that a try

    If thats a no go I would take another known working speaker and put your speaker wire on it. This will let you know right away whether its your power source or speaker.
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      Not sure about the squeals, but check your speaker wire.

      Just a quick story. One time I used cheap speaker wire on my fronts, and a few months later they would cut out and make weird noises at low volumes, but would sound great and never cut out at high volumes.

      Ended up finding out that the wire at the amp terminals was dark and hard. The only thing I can think is electricity+moisture=corrosion since my trunk leaks and is always musty. Cut and stripped a fresh spot of the wire and everything sounded perfect.

      The speaker wires were the last thing I checked I spent hours with RCAs and grounding, etc. You just never know.
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