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radio plays buy itself after 3 hours

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  • radio plays buy itself after 3 hours

    I've had the same after market stereo for a few years now ,but never this problem . I got home from work a few hours ago and about 20 minutes ago I hear a strange noise coming from outside so I go out to check it out and my radio is playing on it's own The only other issue I have been having is the remote key fob has been slow to respond lately could this be related some how The only thing I can think to check but have not is the central timing unit under the dash

    Now taking suggestions

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    Never mind I kinda figured it out . I took the radio fuse out #32/ 7.5 amps and the key fob works again .For some reason my head unit is not turning off all the way ? haven't figured that part out but anyway I have it wired into the stock power wire harness So it looks like I'll be rewiring it with stand alone power wiring.
    Related or not, I did notice the door chime is sounding a little odd now..

    Why would the radio fuse have anything to do with the remote lock?


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      So after looking at some wiring diagrams from Alldata I pulled the ABS fuse #22 that is tandem to the radio fuse #32 The ABS hasn't worked in years anyway .Put the radio fuse back in and the radio and remote lock work the way they should now must be the ABS fuse was feeding back through the radio fuse somehow