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  • Wire colors

    I'm trying to put a stereo in my contour and I looked up the wire colors and it says something like brown/yellow for like the positive but there is a brown and a yellow but not one that has both on it

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    Yellow is normally 12v hot at all times.
    Brown is normally a signal return line. Not sure what that would mean for a stereo but maybe the anti-theft?

    For sure, the yellow is 90% likely to be power.
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      If your harness is still intact just use a harness to install your new radio. It's much cleaner and way easier....
      If you want to integrate the factory amp. -
      If you want to bypass the factory amp. -
      For the bypass option you'll use the gray adapter and then cut the black to black adapter in half. One end should fit the output side of the amp. Get some speedwire and extend the speaker wires up to the radio cavity and attach to your radio's harness. Route your wires out of the way and zip tie. Super simple.

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