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Group Buy Guidelines

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  • Group Buy Guidelines

    *Group Buys require special circumstances. Usually, this consists of a special run of a product, minimum number of participants, lower prices, a deadline, etc. If it is a product that will always be available at a certain price regardless of participants, then it is NOT a Group Buy.

    *Join at your own risk. CEG is not involved with any of the money transactions. That is solely up to you and the seller/vendor. You should make every attempt to check the background on the person hosting the Buy. Usually, things go fairly smoothly. But there is always a possibility of things going sour. MOST problems arise from poor communication or customer service. Therefore...

    *If you are hosting a Group Buy, it is your responsibility to keep the buyers updated. There is no excuse for letting a thread fall behind a few pages. Regular updates are required.

    *If you are hosting a Group Buy, list it as such (GB). If you are just gauging interest, also list it. A poll would be easiest when just checking interest.

    *Provide as many details as possible. Brand, price, shipping (if possible), time frame, payment options, pictures if possible, etc. The buyers should know exactly what you are offering without having to ask.

    *If you do not agree with a Group Buy price or product, let it be. Do not post negative remarks. If the price is high, don't buy it. You don't like windshield washer lights? Don't buy them.

    *Legitimate questions are fine. But let's try not to clutter up the thread.

    I'll add more as they come to me. SUGGESTIONS? PM me.
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