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IC: Tubular 4-bolt LCA's

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    Sorry for the lack in response. There seems to be a lot of people wanting different variants of these tubular control arms. I will build them.

    However that said my focus right has been my new house/shop. My wife and I have been looking for a property for the last 1-1/2yrs and finally have one. When house/shop is completed I should have a 32x40 two story shop space to do anything I want in. All of my projects are being put on delay for this. It's going to take a good amount of my time and money to make sure it is completed to my liking. If you've been waiting this long another 7-9 months shouldn't be an issue ;)

    Once I have this shop I plan to really amp things up as I truly launch my company Ries Performance. The plan as it is now (subject to change) is to start off with a unique carbon fiber hood and trunk followed by these control arms. Main reason for this is I will be seeking out a medium sized lathe to complete these LCA's the way I really want them to be. Having the lathe will also make it easier for me to do other parts. I also need to purchase a few more dies for my tube bender so that I can produce roll cages, other LCA's, traction bars, and other suspension/exhaust components.

    Stay tuned. I will post pictures of my shop build as it progresses.
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      Where are you based out of? Are you using any of the current CF hoods/trunk as a baseline? Whats your timeline.
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        I can easily wait for the LCAs. I'm derailed on my car project too due to other priorities getting in the way so waiting is easy.
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          Sorry for the big bump, but are there any updates regarding these? As I am interested!