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Mirko Splitter Duraflex version GB 2014

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    news on another GB????


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      I have one for sale currently someone can pick up. I ordered and payed the 300 for it and then worked out with steve to not pay for shipping until someone can buy it. So essentially you would pay me the 300 then pay steve the 100 for shipping and he will ship it directly to you as if you got it from the group buy but without having to wait months for it to be made. If anyone is interested just PM me.
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        Too close to xmas and ive already bought soo many parts !! lol. Wish I could.


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          I know I'm resurrecting a dead thread, but does anyone have a Mirko for sale?
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              ive actually had two people contact me this week about these coincidentally lol. as of right now. from what im told, we have two carbon fiber splitters in stock and five blems. and that's it.

              no, i dont foresee another GB happening. they just havent sold like they used to. email me at if you'd like to grab one of these while you still can.

              and remember, the "blem" splitters are actually really good. they are just .5" too long on the wrap around ends. you can either cut the ends off or take up the slack with some spacers.

              the carbon fiber splitters are beautiful and need no painting or anything. they are just tough to put on since they are not very flexible. but they look incredible. they are expensive though. there are less than 10 out there, so theyre super exclusive.
              Originally posted by Rara
              Steve is 100% correct.

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