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FS: For Sale: 1995 Contour GL V6 Auto - Gray ext - Red int - Maryland

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  • FS: For Sale: 1995 Contour GL V6 Auto - Gray ext - Red int - Maryland

    1995 Ford Contour GL V6 Duratec. Gray exterior with red interior. Automatic transmission with disc brakes all the way around and traction control. 141K miles.

    Available in Columbia, Maryland 21044. Asking $750.

    Yes, this is truly a unicorn these days: A single owner V6 Contour that's still in one piece and virtually stock. It has averaged less than 6000 miles a year since new. It needs some work, but really is a solid vehicle. Nearly rust free!

    A total of 27 oil changes, all performed by me. All with Mobil 1 synthetic 5W-30 and a Motorcraft filter.

    It was originally purchased as my wife's daily driver. After several years - and the arrival of three kids - child safety seats pushed us into a minivan ('00 Windstar. Yup, still have that one, too). Meanwhile, I was still driving an '86 Mustang GT (sadly, I don't have that one any more), which meant the Contour spent much of its time in the back of the garage for several years. It later became my daily driver, but with a sub-5-mile commute, it just didn't rack up many miles. My kids have been driving it recently (mostly local school commuting), but the realities of a busy family - and kids who will need newer, more reliable cars in coming years means that I need to find a new home for the Contour.

    Engine runs well; transmission shifts smoothly. No major internal work has ever been required on the engine or transmission.

    Interior is clean and in good shape. But you've got to be prepared to like red inside this car. The 90's were a curious time for car interiors.

    It needs some projects handled I had hoped to take on - but time and priorities have shifted for me. Some items that should be taken care of:

    - One parking brake cable has broken; I'm sure both should be replaced. Hint: I added the later rear caliper springs so this car can accept the '97 or later parking brake cable design - which has a sealed boot end that the early Contours should have had in the first place.
    - The exhaust pipes from the flex joint back have been replaced - but I can hear an exhaust leak in front of the flex joint that I haven't had a chance to track down. Perhaps the Y-pipe or one of the manifold gaskets (but - again - I haven't had to time to check it). This exhaust leak seems to result in the check engine light coming on occasionally. When this happens, it turns off in just a couple of minutes. The check engine light is normally not lit.
    - The headlights have never been polished - and it shows. The car would really benefit from a proper polishing of the headlight assemblies - or maybe just replacing them.
    - The windshield currently has a crack in it. Not terribly noticeable, but annoying.
    - Reverse lights don't work. Bulbs and wiring look good - I suspect the switch attached to the shift lever housing.

    More info on the car:

    - All tires match and have good tread. The car originally came with 14" steel wheels and plastic covers - which I never really liked anyway. I found a set of the 7-spoke alloys that were the OEM wheel for the Contour LX in '95; I still think they're among the best looking wheels for the Contour.
    - The body is clean and solid - but isn't perfect; the clear coat is coming off in a few spots, and there are an average number of dings for a 25 year old car. The plastic silver trim lines on the front and rear bumpers (these pieces have been made of unobtainium for quite some time) are showing their age. The car has had two body repairs: One from when a friend backed into the side of the car, another from a rock that dented a door panel in a highway construction zone.
    - I performed the infamous UIM/LIM cleaning procedure at 72K miles (lots of scrubbing and new gaskets). The engine is probably due for this to be done again, and would probably run more smoothly.
    - The A/C still blows cold, though I've periodically had to add refrigerant to the system (once every year or two).
    - Yes, this car was subject to the infamous engine wiring harness recall. The recall was performed at the same dealership where I originally purchased the car; I've had no wiring harness problems since it was done.
    - Yes, the water pump has been replaced. Twice, actually: The first time with the black plastic impeller at 58K miles. That one failed just last month; I replaced it with a metal impeller pump.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some other details. Feel free to contact me for more info or pictures.
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    Last edited by phil; 10-24-2019, 11:21 AM. Reason: Updated a few items.
    1995 Contour GL V6 ATX T/C
    1986 Mustang GT 5.0 (sold, but missed on sunny days)
    2000 Windstar LX

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    My girlfriend doesn't want a stick shift car, and we're in a good-car-deal-desert out in the country. I already have a car with rusty rocker panels waiting in the wings for repairs, so I don't need two. How much rust is there? Short commutes rust out exhausts, so I'm not concerned with that, more of a rusty bolt, rocker panels and fenders concern. I already have a new brake cable from a rusty car I though I could fix.
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      Sorry, car was just sold.

      However, I will note: Underside of car clean and remarkably rust-free!

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      1995 Contour GL V6 ATX T/C
      1986 Mustang GT 5.0 (sold, but missed on sunny days)
      2000 Windstar LX