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99 Black SVT, Tan

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  • FS: For Sale 99 Black SVT, Tan

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently selling my 99 Black SVT with tan interior for $1250. Its got 193K miles on it and was my daily from 2006 to 2018 and has run great for me every day I've owned it. Some more recent work on it that I've done is: new brakes, front rotors, calipers done 5k miles ago. Brake master cylinder also done around the same time. The driver side wheel bearing was replaced 10k miles ago. Replaced the front dash cause of warping. New Yokohama YK740 all around done 5k miles ago. Also have the older pair of the same exact tire with tread left on them. Full set of SVT alloy rims just like whats on the SVT now. Extra tires and rims come with the car! Has 2X JL Audio 10" subs with an amp. Has a few issues though, tabs expired 2018, E-brake cable needs to be tightened, throws a clogged cat code, sunroof gear is stripped, AC needs a recharge, small oil leak doesn't leave oil drop though on pavement, No passenger side airbag, audio deck currently in it doesn't work, but i have one that does and will throw it into the deal with the car. Paint chips here and there on it, and a scrape around the front passenger side quarter panel from a drunk room mate swiping it. All in all a great car and I wish I could keep it and fix it up, but sadly I do not have the resources to do so at this time. I am currently applying to dental schools and I need money for applications so I felt that since I am parting ways with this beauty I would rather it go to someone who would appreciate the car and could use it more than me right now. I currently live in Puyallup Washington and thats where the car is located. If you have any questions feel free to ask and i'll try and answer them as quickly as possible.

    1999 Contour SVT Black. Crashed November 12, 2006
    Being Fixed. But still Driving it.