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98 E0 Contour SVT For Sale in Michigan, Rust Free Texas 2 Owner Car

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  • FS: For Sale 98 E0 Contour SVT For Sale in Michigan, Rust Free Texas 2 Owner Car

    Please read complete ad before asking questions. If you have any additional questions or want to talk about the car, feel free to email me at HotRodV6 at gmail dot com, also i am willing to help with delivery and wouldn't be afraid to jump in this car and drive it anywhere!! I'm going to say my asking price is 5500 but willing to entertain offers, but please no low ballers, Ive been around these cars for quit a few years and this is one of the nicest Ive found. I feel its probably worth more than my asking price but tying to be reasonable Also, this car is build number 143x, i called and got the number from the Vin but cant remember the exact number..

    I bought this car from a fellow member here, Paul Arp who bought the car new in Houston. Car is in overall great shape, no rust and interior is near mint condition with just a small tear in the drivers side seat bottom. Car is 3.0L swapped, engine has about 70K miles and the gauge cluster was replaced and shows 70K as well, we told the body has about 230K on it, but you would never know it. Engine has SVT cams, MSDS headers and Y-pipe and a Tru Benz exhaust system with flowmaster 40 series mufflers, sounds good and no drone. Currently the car has the stock ECU and the stock air box/filter, i have a JET performance module that according to JET is worth 19HP and 15TQ at the wheels and an NPG cold air intake painted black with a dry flow filter and a Pro-M 75MM MAF programmed for the CSVT stock injectors, also have a BBK 75MM throttle body. These parts have not been installed, but will be soon, just haven't had a lot of time to wok on the car. PO installed a Cougar steering wheel and air bag, i have the original wheel and air bag to go with the car.

    Since i bought the ca last year Ive replaced the alternator, the right rear strut mount, steering rack and pinion, both outer tie rods (MOOG), both lower ball joints (MOOG), Massive front upper sway bar links and rear toe arms, PRT rear sway bar poly bushings and upgraded greaseable end links, FSVT front brake upgrade with stoptech drilled/ slotted rotors, NPG rear brake upgrade using CSVT front rotors, and new stainless steel brake hoses front and rear, also all calipers are brand new and painted T-red to match the car, car already had BAT Euro struts and stock springs, BAT poly front sway bar bushings, FSVT 17" wheels and 225/45 continental extreme contact DWS all season tires that are brand new. I have also gotten new keys and two new remote keyless entry fobs, one is programmed and working. I have also installed a Steeda short throw shifter and a redline tuning hood strut kit.

    I have recently also bought new Timkin front wheel bearings and Timkin rear bearing hubs, new CV axle shafts, i have also replaced the brake master cylinder and all three power steering hoses. I have also bought a set of PRT solid aluminum front subframe bushings. I have replaced all the speakers with rockford-fosgate 6x8 punch 3 way speakers and a Kenwood digital media receiver head unit. I have also gotten a Lotec triple gauge pod and have autometer phantom WB02 and fuel pressure gauges, i also have gotten a 97 console to swap in, it tan and needs to be painted, and i have a set of autometer phantom oil pressure, water temp and volts ( all used but in good shape) to mount in the console storage pocket area below the radio. None of the gauges or 97 console have been installed.

    I have also pulled a vac and recharged the a/c system, but since last summer and since OCT when i moved from Texas to Michigan the blower motor has stopped working, Ive checked the fuses and relays and they seem OK, but i haven't looked into it past that. Also the passenger side front window motor doesn't work and needs to be replaced, my plan was to replace both front window motors, also the sunroof works nice and smooth. Car currently runs and drives great, very fun to drive and goes well with the 3.0L swap. Will go much better with the performance parts i have installed. Since i have moved from Texas to Michigan and i have 5 other cars, i just wont be able to enjoy this car as much as i would like and i wont drive this in the winter salt, its way to nice for that. I have other projects i need/want to concentrate on more, i really don't want to sell the car but i don't want it to sit and not get enjoyed and used either. As you can see Ive done alot of work, and the car has some nice upgrades. The paint and body are an 8 out of 10 id say, the front bumper is cracked and part of the mesh is broken, there is a small crack in the side of the rear bumper and the paint on the bumper is faded, also some paint fade above the gas filler door. The rest of the paint is in good shape, The side skirts are alittle loose and i have all four jack point covers.

    These pics are from when i bought it, the only exterior difference is the FSVT wheels and tires, the car is currently covered in snow and ill get it cleaned up this weekend to get current pics.

    Here is a video from when i bought it from the original owner.

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    CSVT 1.jpg CSVT 2.jpg CSVT 3.jpg CSVT 4.jpg CSVT 5.jpg

    Again, these pics are from when i bought it from the original owner last June/July. Will get the car cleaned up and post current pics this weekend.


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      Glws, honestly. I highly doubt your going to get 5500$... especially with 230K on the darn thing. anyways...nice car.
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        70k on the engine is what matters.
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          Originally posted by satya_svt98 View Post
          70k on the engine is what matters.
          Exactly, plus if I told you this car had 70K original miles you wouldnt think twice about it, the car is that clean and has been very well taken care of. Plus with the 3.0L swap
          And the work Ive done to it this is a great car.

          Also I am willing to help with delivery of the car if needed.


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            Stick to your price Hotrod!

            I sold TheStripedSVT for $10K back in 2005. Many people said it wasn't going to sell for that much but the kid who bought my car knew wht he was getting, an unabused car that was tastefully modded and cleaner than anyone else's car, plus had about 50K of Ford ESP on it.

            I'd love to have another one but nowhere to put it and besides I like modding my DD still.

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              Willing to entertain offers. But no low ballers please.


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                For anyone interested in this car, I will be going to the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA Jun 1-3 with the car. Driving it there and hopefully it will sell and ill fly home. This is a nice car, so come out and see for yourself.


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                  Bumping this up. New price is 3K, the car was rear ended right before I was supposed to go to Carlisle. I have all the parts to fix it, just needs the rear sheet metal pulled back out. Ive still been driving it almost daily and it runs/drives great.