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D2 Coil Overs

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  • FS/T: For Sale or Trade D2 Coil Overs

    Looking to sell or trade my D2 coilovers. These have maybe 10k miles on them....maybe! I didn't keep good track. Never been driven on during the winter. Summer only car and didn't even drive it last year, hardly any the year before. Barely used. I am looking to get something a little softer and better for daily use. Getting old and have a kid lol. Will consider trades plus cash for full suspension setup. Something either of us can just bolt in and go. Located in MI. Not sure if I want to ship, but will consider. Won't have pics until the weekend, still installed in the car. asking $800obo.

    Email is a quicker way to contact me. I will anser PM's and messages here.

    '99 Silver svt 3.0 Turbo

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    He's alive!
    30 Contour / Mystiques and counting......


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      Yep car and I still here going strong lol 14 years. Wow
      '99 Silver svt 3.0 Turbo


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        I've been hoping to find new suspension for my Cougar this winter. How rough is the ride of the D2 coilovers?

        I have a complete set of low mileage, stock struts with springs on my parts car. Not sure of the brand, likely not from Ford though. About 10 to 15k km on the struts according the the previous owner, and +300k km on the springs... Probably not what your looking for though.
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          They are definitly not a plush ride. Pretty stiff suspension. The height is adjustable by spinning the bottom. So if you go that route it helps instead of compressing the spring. The lower you go the harder she rides.

          Thanks but no interested in stock. More like BAT sport or BAT and H&R. Open to other setups as well.
          '99 Silver svt 3.0 Turbo


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            I should note that mounts will most likely not be included.
            '99 Silver svt 3.0 Turbo


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              I have a used set of koni struts with h&r springs on them. Struts have been spray painted black poorly by a previous owner due to koni s horrible powdercoating flaking off. I will sand blast them and paint them correctly if you would be interested in a trade plus. $250 on my end.
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                Wish I would have heard that yesterday. I have all new stuff on the way. Thanks for the offer though.
                '99 Silver svt 3.0 Turbo


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                  '99 Silver svt 3.0 Turbo