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Anywhere to get this shift knob?

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  • Anywhere to get this shift knob?

    I'm an old member, some of you may remember me. My first car was a 1998 E1 SVT. I ordered this shift knob on these forums, and unfortunately traded the car in some 10 years ago with it. I would love to get another. This isn't a wanted thread exactly, so anyone who remembers these shift knobs please post!


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    I would love one too. I've got no info on it unfortunately.
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      Back in 2008 there was a GB for the Voodoo shift knob in gloss Black and spun Aluminum finish. Think he sold about 40 of them, I bought one, but they weren't the SVT engraved units you're looking for.

      The fellow who ran the GB was icysvt, but he's not been active here for about 5 years.
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        the knobs were team voodoo

        and were engraved by

        I don't think I bought mine from the group buy. I don't remember if I ordered from voodoo and they sent it to knobmeister for my custom engraving or I ordered from knobmeister and they sourced the knob from voodoo in the finish I wanted. I got mine in matte black crinkle. I remember emailing knobmeister an svt logo to use and my build number. I didn't get a shift pattern engraved.
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