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Contour and Cougar XR in SC

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  • Contour and Cougar XR in SC

    Huge thanks to the admin for fixing my registration issues. I've been trying to join (on and off) since I bought my 'tour 3 years ago. Although just a GL, it has the Duratec, I'm the 3rd owner, and it had only about 65k miles! I've chased a few electrical gremlins as well as some expected repairs, but she's really been a fun little granny car. In granny gray! I also added OEM alloys to replace the steelies and a rear spoiler. The wheels (and recommended air pressures) made a HUGE difference in the driving dynamics.

    At the start of the pandemic, I found and bought an '02 Cougar XR. She had some misdiagnosed running/suspension issues so I got her at a great price also. The XR was also a two owner car.

    Again, thanks to the Admin and happy to be here.
    1998 Contour GL V6
    2002 Cougar XR

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    Welcome, glad it all got finally worked out!