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  • P0174 & P0171(pending)

    1997 Ford Contour 2.5
    First, I got engine code P1151, replaced the Bank 2 upstream 02 sensor.
    Then I got the other 2 codes mentioned, so I replaced the Bank 1 upstream 02.
    I had reset the codes the day before replacing the 2nd 02 sensor and the two codes popped up again after replacement.
    It’s only been a few KM since driving but if they pop up again does anybody have any idea what they could be if not 02s?
    I keep reading air leaks.. but it has 107,000km and it’s in good shape under the hood. Nothing cracked from what I can see and I hear no noises.
    Also, OBD shows MAF and 02 sensor voltages are all correct.

    I might be too soon with my post since the codes in the system may have already been wanting to display before I swapped the 2nd 02 and they might not come on again.. but has anybody else successfully tackled these codes ?? Thanks

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    You can put your codes in the search bar and you will find a bunch of information.

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