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Shift knob damage reverse, Broken Reverse Lockout

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  • Shift knob damage reverse, Broken Reverse Lockout

    Hello Guys,

    I brought my Mystique to a garage and the mechanic broke the reverse knob on 96 MTX Stick.

    I don't know where to star. The guy is claiming that is was already broken.

    I did attach some pictures.

    Please help.

    20200930_200928.jpg 20200930_200941.jpg 20200930_202057.jpg

    Attached Files
    96 Mystique GS Zetec MTX
    09 Focus S ATX
    OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner and obdii products.

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    1. I HATE letting others touch my car.
    2. Easy fix if you can find the parts
    3. Not needed anyway.
    Your car is uglier than I am! uh...that didnt come out right.


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      I've always considered the reverse lock-out to be a very effective anti-theft device, especially for manual transmission ignorant 'Muricans, European drivers are quite familiar with them.

      I suspect the mechanic didn't know how to operate it, ham-fisted it, and broke it.

      1. I HATE letting others touch my car.
      2019 Corvette Grand Sport, 1LT, just stupid-fast.
      1985 SVO Mustang (turbocharged track rat)
      1989 Taurus SHO (supercharged track rat)
      1999 SVT Contour (Sedanus-Grocerygetter-Rapidus)
      2008 Mercury Milan Premier (Comfy boat)


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        Been there, done that. The only solution I could come up with, was finding one in a junk yard. It is a very easy fix. Mine broke simply because the plastic got brittle. Not likely a result of the mechanic doing anything untoward. You can use it without the ring, but it is also what holds up the boot. If you head to a junkyard, be sure you have the right tool. There is a small spread pin that passes thru the stick sift shaft and the plastic ring -- you simply push the pin thru. Good luck!


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          I came here to write a post about a no-start but I think I can help. I have a stock shifter with boot for a 1998 MTX out of a SVT. If it will fit your application I will send it your direction if you pay shipping from Sacramento, CA.