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Idle gets worse and worse

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  • Idle gets worse and worse

    This is going to be a long read but I’m desperate for help.
    i got a 1998 2.0 with the cam phasers.
    the head gasket went and it blew out my frost plug. I changed the head gasket and timing belt while I was there with the ford tool. Whenever I start the car it idles for a few seconds then the idle get worse and worse and the engine get rough. I’ve changed the vvt oil solenoid and nothing. And timing seems to be right. I’ve looked at vacuum lines and intake gaskets and I see nothing wrong. I haven’t drove this car since March and it’s driving me insane. Anything would help right now to fix this.

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    Spray around the intake and vacuum lines with starting fluid to see if there is a leak. If none, check for the EGR stuck on.
    Don Higgins
    Crew Chief Pro Drag Racing Software
    1999 3.0 Turbo CSVT ** 2013 American Dragster with 1100 Horsepower 7.28 @ 185 mph