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p1131 code back on!!! HELP!!!

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  • p1131 code back on!!! HELP!!!

    I have a 98 Ford Contour v6 SE sport. I had multiple codes that had to do with insufficient switching of bank 1 sensor1. The 3 codes that came up were p0133, p0171 and that damn p1131 code. So.....everything I did was cleaned oit MAF, the whole air intake, put all new hoses for the air intake, cleaned out the throttle body, changed all 6 spark plugs, put new air filter in and changed out the fuel filter. I also had a vacuum leak under the plastic cover on the engine and I fixed that too. I got the bank 1 sensor 1 fixed professionally and all the other codes went away when that o2 sensor was fixed except for the p1131 code. That code is for the bank 1 sensor 1. So.....what else could possibly be the problem on why this code is still on? Please if someone could help me.