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Time to start tearing out those 3.0's?

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  • Time to start tearing out those 3.0's?

    There seems to be some evidence that the SVT's might have a legitimate collectors afterlife...
    Does anyone think we will we start seeing 2.5l restorations anytime soon?

    I've got two sets of SVT heads and blocks laying around right now that I keep telling myself to scrap for the aluminum, but I might just keep them around in case they come back into fashion.
    Actually, I could have a fully dressed SVT engine put together for the cost of software if I thought it would be worth the trouble...Its a lot easier to store that stuff in pieces though.
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    Kind of hard to say, I don't believe the value would change that much from 2.5 to the 3.0. The only way I would see the value of the car being hurt is if it had extremely low miles on it. Otherwise I would think the 3.0 would help the value just because of the added power. They maybe worth a little bit down the road to a few but not a widespread collector like a lightning, Grand National or a Typhoon. Which I am glad to see because people bought these cars to drive not just sit in a garage somewhere
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