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Build list breakdown?

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  • Build list breakdown?

    I've searched for quite some time and I'm failing at finding the list that was created that had the break down of exterior/interior colors and build numbers for each year. Toadster's website is gone, which is where the information resided. Not sure if someone had a copy of it somewhere?
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    You're in luck, kind of!
    Toadster's SVT registry is backed up on (but from 2004).

    Here are the build lists from 2011:

    Redeemer created an archive of the registry which is still up:

    But you are right. This valuable data should be saved on the site somewhere. I have been mulling over the idea of adding a document repository. It's been on the back burner as there are some other needs that must be taken care of first.
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      Dang I was hoping to find the previous owner of my svt.
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