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Need Help CD4E woes

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  • Need Help CD4E woes

    Hey y’all Ive been trying to pinpoint a issue I’ve been having, so I’ve got a 97 zetec auto and recently It’s started to act up it shifts through all gears fine while under 45mph but once I am over 45 overdrive starts to act up. It’s almost like it doesn’t know when to up and downshift from overdrive, also according to the ford service manual whats called a manual pull down where it won’t down shift from OD until the speed drops below 40. If I reset the ecu it surges while attempting to down shift from OD where the rpm jump up and down 200rpms. Sorry I know that’s a mouthful but I’m trying to be detailed as possible. I’ve replaced the solenoid pack, range sensor, speed sensor and tss sensor. Main engine wiring harness is new as well.

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    These cars are NOTORIOUS for having HORRIBLE automatic transmissions, I would be looking for a replacement or a rebuild. Not joking I have personal seen 4 of them break, the Escapes, contours and ALL have problems with this terrible transmission.
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      Yeah that's definitely been the consensus from what I've seen it's just strange to me that overdrive is the only issue that I'm having.