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  • Just Test Drove a 99 SVT

    Hey guys! As the title says, about an hour ago I test drove a green 1999 Contour SVT (link to dealer's advertisement attached) and I had a blast. It's such a fun little car. Anyway I'm coming to you all because I have some questions about the car. First off, I'm in the market because my current daily driver, an '04 Mustang GT, drinks a bit more gas than I like paying for, and I'd like to keep the miles down on it. Are these cars any good as a daily driver, or do the maintenance issues make it hard to use as anything but a weekend car? And what grade fuel do they take? One thing I noticed during my test drive is that the wheels scrub the fender liner at full lock. I know this isn't normal but is it a common issue/ what could cause this? Also, does the shifter normally have a lot of play, even when in gear? Finally just based on the listing, do you think it's a good deal? I can't find much accurate pricing info to compare it to. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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    Mmmmm welcome to the group. Well with it being a 99 you won't have the engine harness problems. In my personal experience I dailyed my SVT for 12 years. It was a 98 so the harness was a struggle for a little while. If your mechanically inclined I'd say no issues. I think you should talk them down on the price a bit. But I don't annoy the full situation. The green SVT was the lowest number produced. Just topping over 500 being built in that color.
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      A little high in price for 143k miles. Check for a maintenance log as its bone stock. Water pump should be serviced by now. main concern
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