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Focus Exhaust Manifold????

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  • Focus Exhaust Manifold????

    Hey guys, I couldn't find anything to answer my question in the forum so here it goes...

    96 Contour 2.0L GL - Stock

    Check engine light came on the other day, turns out my catalytic converter is bad. I was planning on putting a high flow cat and modding the exhaust eventually anyways so I figured I might as well do it now I'm on a budget and I DO NOT want to gut the existing cat.

    Here's what I've come up with:

    1. swap the manifold for a focus manifold and put a straight down pipe
    2. place a high flow ebay cat before the resonator under the car (there's plenty of room after the flex pipe)
    3. Maybe throw on a high flow muffler if It's in the budget

    My main question is will a manifold like this (from and 02 focus)


    bolt onto my engine, I know I will need to find a 3 bolt flange that I can attach to a down pipe, but will it fit onto the zetec???

    Also just cause im curious, would a Focus svt header fit?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I know the fucus long tube headers do not fit because our exhaust goes to the passenger side before going under the engine, where the focus goes under in the center. Asfar I know up until 04 focus manifolds and short headers fit, but I could be wrong. Also just so you know you do get what you pay for when it comes to cats, buy a cheap cat it may not last (had a friend lean this the hard way) or I have seen some that dont hold up the efficency standards that the car expects and you still have an engine code. Lastly don't forget that you will have to lengthen your o2 sensor wire for downstream if you move the cat.
    Edit: I almost forgot if you get a focus part make sure it is for the dohc not the sohc, if memory serves they have different bolt patterns.
    98.5 t-red Zetec mtx
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      I'll keep that in mind when buying the manifold and cat


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        Another question regarding the o2 sensor...

        How exactly do I go about re-routing it? I know I have to lengthen the wire but how will I attach it to the new cat? Do I have to get a shop to fabricate something for me?

        I'm new to working on cars so I'm not sure if this is a dumb question ...


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          You will either have to buy a cat with an o2 sensor spot already welded in or you will have to do it yourself.
          98.5 t-red Zetec mtx
          207,000 and counting
          i love bring my car into class, it give a new "special circumstance" every day.


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            If you refer to the upper O2 sensor then it needs to stay up at front of motor rather than going further back where the cat is being relocated. Even putting the cat further back kills some of its' efficiency and why they are now up at the manifold face. They need as much heat as they can get to work better and so does the O2 sensor. They don't even begin to work until around 600 degrees.

            Not much room for a relocated cat further back in the narrow tunnel, you can get a fire if unlucky and cat too close to cars' bottom. Focus engine uses a different pan to cover the different exhaust path.