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    Well my friend we will see at some point. If you are correct I'll just have to fix that and ad to the upgrade..... LOL

    Yesterday I was at the pick n pull and did a bit of checking. I pulled the filter box and the flex connector between the box and the fender mounted piece. I didn't have time to remove the fuse box and check but what I saw was at least one of the two screws (rear one) and the shape of the piece over all was the correct shape. It looked just like the piece I took out of my 99 SE v6 when I installed the SVT intake on it. I think the piece inside the engine compartment is the same and is removable. I do know that the shape of the inner fender air intake is different. According to the Ford disk it has tuned resonators depending on application.

    I hope to have time soon to tinker with this. I should have my 02 Ram 4.7 back together today and purring like a kitten with the rebuilt heads. What a PIA that engine is to work on...... makes a Contour seem simple...... LOL

    But then I have to do the new p-brake cables on the 95 and upgrade the front brakes to E0's.

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