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Best mods for MPG w/out losing too much "fun"?

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    I run my tires at 40 psi. It improves the mileage by about 3 or 4 mpg. May affect stopping distance a bit, though.


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      jump over to that's all they do is MPG. I got my SVTC to see 30-32avg on my mornings in to work for a month that was about a 50/50 split if you factor in stop and go traffic on the Hwy. Just from using some tips I got off those boards. Change the nut behind the wheel is the best thing you can do for MPG.

      he saw 50+ for a 90 day avg. link to his build thread. he's got the DOHC zetec similar/same as what the contour has.

      Best of luck to you!


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        I run my tires at 40 psi
        that may be increasing your fuel economy slightly but that is gonna wear your tires down quickly in the center and reduce your traction.
        and way to dig up a 3yr old thready btw.
        98.5 t-red Zetec mtx
        207,000 and counting
        i love bring my car into class, it give a new "special circumstance" every day.