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  • throttle cable

    my throttle cable broke on my 96 mystique 2.0, searched but couldnt find what i needed, part stores around dont even carry the part i need, was wondering where i would go to find one and how hard would it be to change?
    stock 96 atx mystique with bad o2 sensors, leaky exhaust and 23.7mpg city

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    With or without traction control?


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      Specific throttle cables are pretty much dealer or junkyard only unless real popular like many trucks. The part stores will tell you they can get them but commonly it's all lies.


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        The throttle cable is not the easiest thing to access (back of fire wall and under the dash), although might be easier on the 2L. I suggest finding a local U-pull it junk yard and use a damaged car as the test bed.

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