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MTX-75 rebuild question

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  • MTX-75 rebuild question

    Ok, so I recently decided to buy a Quaife differential for my build. However, I have been looking for a local shop to do the installation. The first shop (and only one so far) to get me an estimate quoted me $500 to install the differential, as well as inspect everything while it was taken apart. It seems a bit steep to me, but it also sounds like a good idea to have someone look it over while it's apart. However, they didn't seem to have a lot of experience with the MTX-75 from what i gathered, and even though they do have good reviews online, I'm not sure how much confidence I should have in them.

    So my questions are: how hard is it to install the differential? Do i need any special tools to do it? Is there anything else to it beside unbolting the 2 halves, installing the new diff, and torquing everything back together?

    Secondly, if i was to take it to a shop, I'd like to try someone who is at least more familiar with it? Does anyone have any suggestions now that Terry isn't around anymore (RIP)? If I do rebuild it, I probably would want to upgrade the synchros to the 3 block design, but last i read, only Terry had these. Does anyone know if anyone took over his business? Are the updated synchros just garbage if I do have to go with them?

    Thank you all for your help.

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    I cant answer all of these questions, but I can offer some perspective: Its highly unlikely that ANY transmission shop has any significant experience with these. So if you find one that gets good reviews and says they can do it, that's probably the best you can do.
    One other piece of perspective...If your thinking about trying it yourself, take a look at replacement transmissions on Ebay and ask yourself if your more comfortable taking the chance on doing it yourself or on letting someone else do it based on the price of replacement. Personally, I think I would take a crack at it.

    I will also share that there's a British company that distributes Quaife parts for our Transmissions that I haven't seen anywhere else:
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