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    So is there any news on its performance?
    Did I mention I have a Chevy SS?
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      Originally posted by warmonger View Post
      So is there any news on its performance?
      Nothing yet, track nearby is closed because the virus BS. I have some new components for the intake piping with a blow though MAF which should improve top end performance. I just love driving the car, still scares the hell out of me. I now have 89k on the car, with just about 30 k on the engine and trans. Still gets 270 miles on a tank of gas even when I drive it hard.

      One thing we did find after the last video, was an overactive knock sensor. It would retard the timing down to 5 or 6 degrees over 5500 RPM. I was just about to replaced it but I saw where the turbo wastegate hit the frame. I believe the knock sensor picked up a grounded exhaust. As a test I moved it a bit farther away and picked up some lost performance. I don't normally run the engine over 5500 RPM so never really noticed it. When I did a LiveLink I saw the huge drop in timing ( from 16 down to 5 ) within about 50 RPM. It stays at 15 to 18 now and I have another 700 RPM available where the engine is still pulling like a freight train.. I still won't run the engine over 5500 until I get to the track, just too difficult to drive at wide open throttle.
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