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Headers and Y-pip on STOCK mufflers??

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  • Headers and Y-pip on STOCK mufflers??

    Weird request and I can hear you all already ..."your so stupid that's not the MOST power!!!" and I know that..and sometimes that doesn't matter.. anyways

    I was wondering if anyone ran Headers/ypipe/gutted cats on STOCK Mufflers..

    The reason I ask is I LOVE how my car sounds on factory mufflers and EVERYTHING I hear of guys changing the exhaust takes away that "sound"

    anyone ever try this> Msds Headers/Y-pip/ Gutted or aftermarket hi-flow cat/Delete Res/Stock mufflers..???

    I want to get an idea of how this sounds before I go through with it..if not then I guess I will be the first.. I know that car has factory Stainles exhaust and mine is in good shape (for being a car from the North East).. I LOVEthat classic burble and low rumble.. buti want ZERO NONE. I'd rather have it only get loud when the secondaries open.,
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    Well you wont loose power from where you are at. Just not as much potential if the stock mufflers become the bottleneck (and im not saying they will, i honestly dont know the stock setup). deleting resonator and high flow cats could introduce rasp though by itself. If it does you can always go back and put in a bullet muffler in its place for un-restricted flow and have a similar effect to the resonator. I will leave it to everyone else to say how restrictive the stock exhaust is (i am thinking it is not that bad but ive never owned one with stock setup).
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