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  • Main cat questions...

    My car:

    98 SE V6/5spd

    Im the 2nd owner(just got it 2 months ago.)

    Among a few issues I need to take care of(on an extremely tight budget)I have discovered the source of the rattle I hear on acceleration is the main cat has come apart inside :(

    If I gutted it, would it cause the CEL to light/set codes?

    A new 'direct fit' is $160, which is pretty good, but Im basically unemployed at the moment and simply cant afford that option at the moment.

    The rest of the exhaust is stock and in pretty good shape, so I'm assuming the resonator/muffler/precats would help to stop the increase in flow trough noise from being obnoxious(and a cop target)?

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    Only the late model Cougar monitors the main cat.
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      The precats are the only cats that are monitored. The main one is not. No codes will show up with that main cat if it is gutted.


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        Thanks for the info, Im going to try and get it loose sometime this week....if the weather smartens up.