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    So after much research, and review of sound clips etc., I think I know what I want to try first, for my exhaust. It is currently stock, and I have a 99 contour svt, stock 2.5l. I think first I'm gonna try just eliminating the mufflers, and keeping the stock resonator. No resonator sounds too high pitched for my taste, and I think if I use the magnaflow resonator, it may be louder than I prefer, and would need to get mufflers. I can't seem to find a sound clip of just a stock resonator, and straight pipes though. Any help, and opinions would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul

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    So I went ahead and did it. Deleted the stock mufflers with straight pipe, keeping the stock resonator. Sounds great, but it's still pretty quiet. I think at some point, I'll go with the magnaflow resonator.