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non free flowing bat y pipe

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  • non free flowing bat y pipe

    have had the bat conversion on for a number of years and with the 3l engine I have never been making the top end hp numbers the free
    so on strip down this winter I find that while the core of the free flowing cat still looks pretty clear , a packing ribbon used around the outside of the core, most of it has come out and laid itself across the core
    so thanks again to who it was pointed me towards the magnaflow, received it and is identical in dimensions
    so next thing I noticed was the flexi pipe part of the conversion , while it looks in good condition I have found the inside part has shrunk from 2.5 inches to under 2 inches , so maybe someone could guesstimate what sort of hp that might be costing me
    anyway will be sourcing a new flexi with spiral wound metal inner