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Machining an SVT Block Need Help

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    Originally posted by BlueSupreme View Post

    That's absolutely crazy you have a 400+hp contour that still has working AC. How did you do it? Is there a way I can see pictures of this build or links to some of those posts? I'm just really curious how you route all the hoses and pipes for the turbo with such a tight engine bay.

    Update: As far as my SVT goes I've got Mahle pistons for the SVT and I'm going to rob a crankshaft from one of the other spare duratec engines I have. I'm still going to stick with the k1 rods but the stock Mahle pistons will do as it saves a little money. My sport's clutch is now toast so it's time to pull the engine again and I'm trying to port/polish the heads for the replacement engine for that car.

    The A/C has not changed from stock. The turbo pipes are a struggle for sure, but doable.
    Nautilus Performance Group stainless steel turbo kit with modifications for different turbo sizes. It isn't easy to plumb but I used to work on it all the time and had no struggle I couldn't deal with.

    There are posts about the engine build but I didn't post anything about the different setups since we tested many different things ( cams, turbos, pipes ). Like any project it will never be complete, however, I have driven this for 24,000 miles at 24 lbs of boost with no serious issues. Other than the cold engine noise and the clutch being a bit harsh for the wife to drive, it drives like a stock CSVT until it hits boost.
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      That's something else, would love make my own 400+hp contour someday and still have the stock a/c in it.

      Machine shop finished with my block, it got a new sleeve and block is saved, the crankshaft was replaced with a 99 mystique crank that I had, Mahle pistons went to the machine shop and I'm waiting on pistons rings and the k1 rods from nautilus to be delivered to take to them to balance everything. Then it's onto the heads which could be the tricky part, wont know until we get there.
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