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Porting the MAF

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  • Porting the MAF

    Long time lurker and not a Contour owner technically (I have the CSVT swapped Focus aka V6Mistake) but do have a question.
    I am in the process of re-working my current intake setup and was looking at the MAF housing. I have read up on porting the housing by removing the entire metal obstruction in the center and just running the MAF unobstructed. Example...

    Now I have a spare MAF housing from a ZX2 that appears to be identical to the Contour one except it`s plastic and does not have the obstruction so I think I can test the ZX2 unit without irreversibly altering the stock metal housing.
    I searched in this forum but couldn't find any info pro or con to doing this.

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    I'm probably wrong but i will take a educated guess. A maf sensor measures density of air and tells ecu to dump xxx amount of fuel to engine. If too much air is passing. Then the engine would think it's wot constantly. Which in turn, runs you too rich at low idle. Now I'm pretty sure that just the tip of the iceberg.
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      Probably won't do anything for performance and could screw up drivability. That being said, try it and let us know.
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        It was done in the past. Not a good idea.
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          Well I will look at doing this once the weather co-operates. Maybe I will try swapping the plastic on and trying it out while I polish the metal one.


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            Messing with the MAF means it needs to be re-calibrated and the new figures have to be loaded into the PCM... I did this to a stock MAF and it didn't make my car go like a rocket. I now have an SVT Lightning MAF and the tables. If you want my altered stock MAF that is now a paper weight ... send me the postage and you can have it ..... G.
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              Anything one does to make the MAF section flow more then lowers the MAF flow reporting to the PCM, PCM thinks less flow is there than is. Needless to say your fuel calculations will then be off and possibly lean to fry the motor.