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Split port LIM adapter availability

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  • Split port LIM adapter availability


    I've seen mentioning of a dual-port to oval port LIM adapter - are these still available? If so which vendors should I look at.

    For background, I am fitting a Jaguar AJ30 3.0 V6 (close relation of the Duratec 3.0 V6) to a Mk1 Eunos Roadster (aka Miata) and am looking at upper inlet manifold options. Attached is a photo I found of one from Nautilus Performance Group way back in 2013.

    I'm hoping to use the UK ST200 ("SVT") UIM as space in the engine bay is tight and it is lower profile than the alternatives (eg ST220 UIM).


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    Nautilus performance group was the only ones to make that.
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      If you really want a 2.5 UIM on your 3.0 LIM, youre best bet is probably to make your own adapters or see if you can find a local machine shop who will do it.
      You could contact Nautilus to see if they will still make a set on demand but the pricing on those was ridiculous which is why nobody bought them.

      The more common way that this community achieves the same result is by port-matching the heads using Bugzuki plates as a guide. We dont use the Jag motors so your in slightly uncharted territory but I'm guessing they probably have the same overall architecture so it should probably work.
      The port matching procedure looks barbaric on the surface but its been done many many times in this community with good results.

      Will you be using the Jag transmission as well?
      Your car is uglier than I am! uh...that didnt come out right.