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Nearing 3.0 time

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  • Nearing 3.0 time

    It's about that time.

    I'm all but convinced that my motor has spun a bearing, putting me on borowed time. There is a faint bottom end knock and with a suspect IMRC module, I'd rather just put my funds towards a swap now. Plus upon changing my oil, I did not like what I saw in the oil....

    Taurus motors are a dime a dozen here and there are low mileage examples to boot. A full 3.0 seems to be the most straightforward option. All motor. I would entertain reusing SVT components but if gains are marginal, I wouldn't even bother. The car will primarily be a spirited highway and street driver but I will track and autocross as well. I plan on running 93 with as good of a tune as I can get.

    There is much for me to read and gather still so I will do my best to make an informed decision. Of anyone has any tips, feel free to help guide me in the proper direction. Help me to keep my contour on the road.

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    Definitely do it. Nothing you can buy for the price of a 3.0 swap will drive the way one of these does. DO IT!
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      Class how difficult was pairing the SVT head and cams up to your 3.0 and how well does it play


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        Just took out the motor of my SVT that has been sitting around for 2 years and planning on rebuilding the 3.0 I have from my old donor. Good luck with everything, keeps us updated.


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          I'm probably going to pull the trigger on getting a motor sometime next week after clearing expenses.

          Escape motors are beyond ridiculous so it will be a Taurus. I also plan to send said engine out to who we use as a machine shop to have the motor rebuilt, of course. Still planning on an all motor setup with a good 93 tune. This much I know now.

          What is left is a fair bit of logistics, including whether using the 3.0 or SVT intake and cams would be best, and who should go over the MTX-75 when it is pulled (RIP Terry)


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            Putting my stepping stones in place before pulling the motor out.

            The knocking is getting worse, so at this point it is inevitable. I just want to be prepared and do things right.
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