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Anyone try the Nautilus 3.4 short block?

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  • Anyone try the Nautilus 3.4 short block?

    I understand that the price puts it out of the realm of most owners for a street rod, but someone must have purchased one else they wouldn't be developing/selling any.


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    thoughts are that the only people that are able to afford it are the Noble owners IMO. I can't say that i've even heard rumor of any one putting one in a CDw27 platform
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      You know, If I had that kind of cash I would SO be the first person to install that bad boy.. I'd LOVE to hear that thing scream to red-line.. plus to be making stupid power like that all motor is even better..Probably would make a CDw27 be pointless, but not any worse than a big turbo or nitro does..
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        Seeing how it listed, its for Noble owners. However based on what I know and the description, resleeving the block is the correct way to increase the piston size. If one looks around there where/are other block options. However I believe that they are just 3L blocks that are bored out.

        The other way to go is just get a Noble engine, I think they retail for about the same amount. There was a user that purchased one and an ADC Street Flight (last one) turbo kit for the "evil twin" SVT that he had. Don't think the install ever happened, but it seemed to be a drop in package.
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