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TPS fSolution or Taurus 3.0L TB with Reverse Actuation/Spin

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  • TPS fSolution or Taurus 3.0L TB with Reverse Actuation/Spin

    Has anyone found an off the shelf solution for no code with 3.0L TB? The range is way off.

    iirc the SVT was 440 to 3.8k ohms and Taurus was 380 to 3.2k so the stock 3.0L tps will throw a code eventually, and this is a daily driver for a friend and needs to run with no codes.

    This tps spins the other way than 95% of most Ford ones do so I havent gone to the parts store yet with a pigtail and meter to find one that will work yet.

    Anyone found a solution? I can swap the TB with another one I have and use the SVT TPS but I would rather just throw on a TPS.
    95 SeVT 3.0L
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    There is a thread floating around in one of the Taurus forums that covers this, I saw one a couple years ago, but can't seem to remember which forum it is in. Also checking the NECO forum might also provide ideas.

    I'm assuming the TPS mount is also different, due to the location and orientation of it.


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      I have a 65mm ST220 TB coming this weekend.

      It opens bottom of the butterfly towards you.

      If you post up which pins you are measuring the resistance across, I can check it when it arrives .... unless someone has one to hand ..... G.
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      WANTED; Custom gauge guru for ST200 overlay job... pm me..


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        I've run a full 3l for a while with no code.
        98 Silver Frost
        Full 3.0L
        ST220 intake w/ f150 tb